Training as a yoga teacher is tough.

It’s an investment of time, money and energy.

But there is a secret that few of us would like to admit – once you’re okay at the actual yoga, and in possession of your first teaching qualification, it’s hard to know where to start professionally.

How do you develop and market your proudly acquired skills? When can you give up your day job and teach full time? And that retreat business or yoga studio in the mountains isn’t going to build itself…

Our resources will give you exactly the help and information you need to launch your yoga career – without wasting hours on research or trial and error.

Joining the Yoginomics community is like having your own personal yoga business mentor. Our resources will help you:

  • Become an extraordinary yoga teacher
  • Understand how to develop your career
  • Start and grow a successful yoga business
  • Join a community of peers and mentors

Read the latest and greatest from our blog. Featuring everything from teacher training insight and strategies on starting your own business to yoga news and personal experiences.

  • Network as a teacher

    From creating the perfect CV to writing a professional bio and starting your own Facebook page

  • Discover your own voice

    Your teaching voice, style and practicing what you preach

  • Surround yourself with the best support system

    Creating peer support, mentorship and more

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I loved my yoga teacher training. But when I finished, I was pretty confused about how to start as a teacher and where to turn for advice. You’re kind of on your own. A friend told me about Yoginomics – it’s great knowing there is one place where you can find expertise on all aspects of starting to teach and ultimately building a business doing something you love.

Suzanna Chilton 200hr RYT, Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh

So far I love it. It was nice to hear several teachers speak about their reasoning for wanting to be a teacher, hearing from them first hand as well as reading the chapters is a huge help. I'm digging this so far and excited to finish the course.

Kelsey Evans