If you want to build your brand as a new yoga teacher, there’s no better than time now.

Personal brand building has become super popular – and accessible – with the rise of digital and social media. And it has changed the way the world looks at yoga teachers and other fitness professionals beyond recognition.

Yoga teachers who were once seen as outliers and hippies are now regarded as leaders and innovators in the holistic health scene – they float around in designer yoga clothing, sip turmeric lattes, munch on smoothie bowls, and most of all love tech.

In 2017, celebrity yogis like Kino MacGregor and Adriene Mishler have reached every corner of the world through their yoga tutorial videos (more on that later). But do you know how these amazing teachers evolved into global superstars?

They nailed their personal brand, which helped them create massive influence and reach.

And as a new yoga teacher, believe it or not you can do it too.

It’s entirely possible to create your own personal brand – BY YOURSELF without the help of external experts – and take your practice and income to a whole new level.

So if you want to know how to build your brand as a new yoga teacher, then you’re in right place, as we plan to go in deep! Big inhale…..

Let’s start with getting clear about what a personal brand is.

What is a personal brand?

Unlike a regular brand, which is usually a company selling a product, a personal brand is focused on promoting you, your personality, values, skills and services.



Now that you know that essentially your personal brand is YOU, you’re maybe wondering how that applies to you if you’re new to teaching, teach at a studio, give private lessons.

Totally understandable! But you need a personal brand more than anyone else, and here’s why:

  • Your personal brand is your first step to live life on your terms.
  • There’s a LOT of competition out there – in your city/town and online. It seems like there are more yoga teachers than students.
  • Oh, and let’s not skip the horror stories you’ve heard about big yoga studios who hire new yoga teachers, underpay and mistreat them. If you work to build a personal brand you love, you will not have these issues.
  • By creating a personal brand as a yoga teacher, you have a much larger reach, meaning you can earn the money you you deserve.

Ready to create your personal brand?


13. Decide on your brand name

Whether you go by a first and last name or just a single name, your name is your brand.

Lots of yoga teachers simply add the word ‘yoga’ to the end of their name. But one way to make your brand more memorable is to think about how you can add a fun twist.

12. Define your brand personality

Think of your own personality – who you are, what inspires you and interests you. Consider the lifestyle you lead, the way you talk – all this makes you, well, YOU.

The great thing about developing a personal brand is that it’s fundamentally built on your unique personality.

Look for ways to infuse those attributes into your personal brand, and everything you do will feel truly authentic to you and your students.

11. Get clear about your WHY

As the marketing guru Simon Sinek very rightly puts it, ‘Start with why ’.

People don’t care what you’re selling –  whether it’s ice cream or a yoga class. All they care about is WHY you’re the right person to teach them yoga and WHY they should care.

To find your why, think about that one defining moment or turning point where you made a commitment to yoga. Remember how you felt, what was going on at the time, all the important sensations that came up for you at that time. And now brainstorm it into words.

10. Define your mission and values

Knowing why you’re on a journey to share the practice of yoga will help you articulate your personal mission.

Get clear about how these core values impact your practice and yoga teaching. How do you live by these values and bring them to your yoga class? Translate them for your students?

Once you’re clear on this, take some time to sit down and write your personal brand statement, and then hang it in a place where you can look at it often.

9. Identify your ‘perfect’ student

Who do you want to teach – the elderly granny who lives in your apartment building or dancers who want more flexibility and range?

Just like you wrote your personal branding statement, you now need to sit down and write your customer avatar of your ideal student.

Things to include in your customer avatar:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Annual Income
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Eating Habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Media preferences

8. Define your yoga teaching niche

Let’s be honest! Specialists make the most money – and this remains true within the yoga world.

Even though you may have training experience in different styles of yoga, get clear about what style of yoga you plan to teach – and become known for.

As you gain in experience as a yoga teacher, you may even want to start incorporating your own ideas and developing your own unique style.

7. Describe the benefits of your services

List down all the services you provide to your students, plus those you want to offer in the future.

Apart from yoga classes, do you provide nutritional advice? Or combine alternate healing with yoga to conduct therapy sessions? Or do you offer advanced classes or partner yoga?

Whatever it is, outline all the benefits your students can gain from each of your offerings.

Your job is to communicate the distinct value you provide to your students that make you irreplaceable or saves them stress or anxiety in the future.

6. Create a consistent visual identity

No advice on how to build your brand as a new yoga teacher is complete unless you learn how to create a visual identity and stick to it.

Your brand’s visual identity includes the colours, fonts, design, logo and photos you use on your publicity materials online and offline.

Make sure you nail down your brand visuals (it’s best to use only 3 colors and no more than 3 fonts) so that others begin to recognise your personal brand the moment they see it.

5. Build your online presence

As you begin to explore how to build your brand as a new yoga teacher, you’ll realize you need a website. It’s a place where anyone who wants to know more about you will look for further information.

Here’s my two cents – Buy a domain name in your own name and start building your website today. Be sure you have all the things listed below on your website:

  • A kickass bio – People want to know who you are and what your yoga teaching credentials are. They also want to find out what is it that inspired you to teach yoga. Mark out time in your calendar and sit down to write a bio that will make your students relate to you and place their trust in you.
  • A clear high quality profile picture – Have a quality photo taken of you which shows your eyes, a smile and covers you from head to shoulders (or head to waist). You don’t have to hire a fancy photographer for this. If you have a friend who’s good at taking photos and has a DSLR, ask them to help you out. Choose a setting that you love with plenty of good light and just snap the picture.
  • Photos of you yoga-ing – You’ll need not only a photo of yourself but also beautiful and clear pictures of yourself practicing yoga. You can hire a photographer for these if you like or try to set a timer on your phone and take them yourself.
  • Email address, opt-in freebie & mailing list  – Create an opt-in freebie on your website and learn how to grow your mailing list. Send newsletters to your subscribes weekly or monthly. And don’t forget to share about upcoming classes, events you’re participating in – including any discount codes.

4. Create high value content for your students

If you look at some of the most popular yoga teachers who have successfully created their personal brands, you’ll notice they’re just not selling their classes to the students all the time.

From what raw vegan meals they eat, to which essential oils they use for aromatherapy, they cover all their yogic lifestyle tips in the their blog posts, podcasts, videos and infographics.

This is how they attract their followers and keep them engaged – by giving them that extra advice that other yoga teachers don’t.

Similarly, if you want to build your personal brand as a new yoga teacher, put together a variety of tips, lists, sequences, routines, recipes that your audience will use and love (and they’ll keep coming back for more).

3. Work on your brand & business daily – and not just your classes

The biggest mistake that new yoga teachers make is that they spend so much energy on their prepping and doing their classes, that they spend barely 5 minutes on promoting their business daily.

Yes, you need to prep your classes!

Yes you need to teach.
And yes,  you need to keep up with your personal practice.

But, you also need to schedule time in – preferably daily – to work on promoting your brand, and connecting with potential collaborators and students. It’s all about balance, of course.

2. Be consistent in your appearance and presence

If you’re going to write your blog posts using very academic language one day and switch to a very casual friendly tone the next day, you’ll leave your reader’s confused and it’s likely they won’t return.

The same goes for your visuals.

If this week your photos use a sepia filter and suddenly next week they go all bright, you make it difficult for people to recognize you on site – and that’s the point of visual branding. The idea is to keep your communication consistent.

This also means posting weekly or even daily instead of leaving your social media pages inactive for months.

1. Organise events & build partnerships

Doing an event yourself or partnering with someone else at their event,  is a smart way to build your personal brand as a new yoga teacher.

Here are a few event ideas :

  • You can do a day long workshop on International Yoga Day.
  • Team up with a yoga studio if they’re doing a yogathon.
  • Give a morning yoga class at a health & wellness festival

The more you make yourself visible, the more people you’ll meet and these connections will help grow your personal brand.


While I am not saying that building your personal brand on social media will immediately take you viral.  What you will have is great opportunity to build a solid follower base (who will eventually become your students) if you learn to master at least one of these channels.

  • Build Your Personal Brand with Facebook

These days people check your Facebook page often, before your website, so it is super important you post engaging content on your Facebook Business profile at least three times a week.

  • Build Your Personal Brand with Instagram


Everyone who wants to up their yoga game or get fitness inspiration is on this platform.

In fact, there are yoga teachers who have turned into internet sensations based on how wonderfully they tell their stories. Get yourself a Instagram business account, get a strategy, and get and posting!

  • Build Your Personal Brand with Youtube

YouTube Yoga stars like Adriene Mishler and Tara Stiles have hundreds of videos for every potential pain and ache their students may have.

In fact, these yoga celebs have built their personal brand largely through the medium of video.

I would say don’t wait to make that perfect video or buy that fancy camera, just start recording videos with your phone and upload them on your YouTube channel.


  • Build Your Personal Brand with Snapchat

The majority of established yoga teachers already use the social media channels I mentioned above. But Snapchat is relatively new for yogis and that’s why it could be a fun place for you get started building your personal brand.

Take fun photos and videos from your classes or practice and share them publicly on Snapchat (and don’t forget to share your Snapcode with everyone you meet).

  • Build Your Personal Brand with Pinterest

If you’re wondering how on earth will Pinterest will help you, well, you’re underestimating this medium.

Pinterest is the 3rd biggest search engine. And when you write weekly blog posts, add beautiful informative pins to each post you publish and share these via your Pinterest account – you’ll be surprised at the traffic you can generate.

Excited to build your brand as a new yoga teacher?

Fantastic! My work here is done, but before I go let me leave you with this last thought…

 While you work on building your personal brand, and growing your business — don’t forget to work on strengthening your practice. Your understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. Your personal values and philosophy.

Remain an eternal student, and remember this: Your brand is not what you say about yourself, but what your students say about you when you’re not in the room.

About The Author

Jules Barber

Jules Barber is the Founder & Creator of Yoginomics. Having worked in a golden cage in London for 15 years she sold out of her business to become a yoga teacher, corporate wellness specialist and location independent entrepreneur, on a mission to mentor and coach the next generation of amazing yogis - teachers and students alike.

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