Instagram is a powerful tool for yoga teachers looking to find more clients and display their expertise, or studios, freelancers and yogipreneurs to share their message.

But just because you sign up for an account doesn’t mean you’re going to accomplish this.

As you well know, marketing your yoga business takes time, effort and a clear plan. If you’re willing to put in the work then the results can be rather extraordinary. To give you a helping hand, here are a few of our top strategies on how to use Instagram for yoga.

Ready to get into it? Read on my dear yogi…

Insta-Strategy #1 —Use Your Bio Wisely

People tend to struggle when it comes to writing bios and it’s all the more difficult when you only have 150 characters to express yourself and your business. Since you are limited to so few characters (note — not words, characters. This includes spaces, emojis and punctuation) you really need to make the most of it.

First and foremost, include a link to your website. Think outside the box a bit too. Don’t just send cold users to your homepage, create a targeted landing page on your website for Instagram followers and make sure it introduces them to your brand, as well as offers them some sort of value. Whether that “value” is free resources and materials, or a really incredible post that will get them thinking and inspired, it’s up to you.

Also, it’s important to define who you are and what your business does in your bio. Brainstorm words that describe who you are, what you provide and what you want your followers to get out of you. Take these words and craft your bio. If someone lands on your Instagram account you don’t want them to have to work hard to discover what you offer, so be wary of that.

Insta-Strategy #2 — Get Interactive with Your Followers

You know that feeling you get when someone talks at you, but doesn’t actually have a mutually beneficial conversation with you?

Harness that feeling and remember that when you’re posting on Instagram.

Being interactive with your followers is so much more exciting (and will help you land more followers and leads!) than if you just post a bevy of boring posts and poses.

Ask questions, create contests or giveaways. Make people want to actively look up your profile and browse your posts.

And don’t forget to respond to commenters. Put aside some time to go through your latest posts and acknowledge those who have reached out to you. This personal touch will really make your profile special.

Insta-Strategy #3 — Branch Out from Quotes and Memes

People love a good meme or inspirational quote, but your profile needs to display more than that. Here’s what we’ve learned about memes and quotes — though they inspire likes, they don’t turn passive browsers into active followers.

And what good is an inactive follower? If your following isn’t going to check out your offerings and services and actually purchase what you’re selling then you are doing yourself a disservice. Remember that you are a business owner (whether you are freelance, studio or web-based like Yoginomics). Money pays the bills, not likes.

Try getting creative with the locations you take your photos in. Don’t just use your regular studio background or park setting. Hit up an alley with graffiti and strike a pose. Or showcase your stellar yoga skills next time you’re on a flight.

If you are limited with your location, try opting for different subjects. Ask your friends or fellow yogis to be the subject of your image, not just yourself. Craft inspiring messages to go alongside your posts too for even more added value.

Insta-Strategy #4 — Don’t Be Scared to Showcase your Products/Services

A lot of yoga accounts tend to stick to poses and quotes, but you shouldn’t feel limited by this. Use this platform to talk about your products and services and show followers why they would benefit from them.

Use the video option to walk people through an online program or to share a customer testimonial. Don’t shove it down their throat, but also don’t be afraid to talk about your offerings. Again, this goes back to the point that you are running a business and businesses need to make money. Without money they are just hobbies.

Insta-Strategy #5 — Be True to Your Brand and Voice

Above all else, stay true to your brand and voice. Don’t share posts (pictures or videos) of things you do not stand behind 100%.

Your personal brand and voice are what set you apart from the thousands of others sharing similar services. When you are true to yourself, followers will see this and be drawn to it. Authenticity above all else.

Now tell us, do you have any Instagram strategies you swear by? Be sure to hit us up in the comment section below or tag us on Instagram @yoginomics.

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Jules Barber

Jules Barber is the Founder & Creator of Yoginomics. Having worked in a golden cage in London for 15 years she sold out of her business to become a yoga teacher, corporate wellness specialist and location independent entrepreneur, on a mission to mentor and coach the next generation of amazing yogis - teachers and students alike.

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