Meditation and yoga go hand in hand. Whether you see yourself as spiritual, woo-woo or just an average joe, there’s something undeniably relaxing and zen about flowing through poses and allowing your mind the opportunity to clear away all that brain clutter.

But some of us struggle to reach this meditative state a little more than others. Maybe it’s because the stress of everyday life is a little higher these days, or you had a particularly bad day and can’t seem to let it go — whatever the reason, you can overcome it.

To really tap into your inner calmness and find peace through meditation, here are a few of our favourite tips that will help meditation newbies or yogi’s who can’t seem to quiet the head buzz.

Meditation Tips for Beginners or the Struggling Yogi

Tip #1 — Make it a priority

Life is busy and you need to make certain tasks priorities in order to actually do them. Set aside some time and mark it down in your calendar. For example, every Sunday at 10am you will meditate.

The trick is to choose a time where you know you will be free from distractions. If you have kids, you may want to choose a time when they are at daycare, sports or school. If you are a hardworking 9-5er with minimal free time, try waking up 15 minutes earlier and starting your day off fresh with some in bed meditation.

Whatever the time, just be sure to write it down or put it in your calendar. Once you see it there in black and white, you will feel more compelled to do it.

Tip #2 — Find a Quiet Space

Where do you feel comfortable and at peace? Is it in your bedroom? Maybe in your sunroom or on the balcony. Perhaps it’s in a quiet corner of the library that you visit regularly or down by the beach.

Wherever your happy place is , this is where you should go to start your meditation. One caveat — silence is key for beginners.

Avoid places that are filled with bustling crowds or loud noises that will distract you. If you can’t get away from it all, try using ear plugs.

Tip #3 — Dress for Success

Once you’ve found your ideal spot and set aside the time, you’re going to want to dress for comfort. Constricting clothing that pinches or holds snug against your body may not be the most freeing. Instead, opt for loose fitting comfy pants and a shirt, a dress, or if you’re in the comfort of your own home go nude. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Tip #4 — Don’t Go Hungry

The biggest mistake I ever made when first starting out with meditation was going into it starving or thirsty. The hunger and thirst will only pull your mind away from the meditation you are about to do,  so be sure to eat a snack and grab a glass of water (if needed) before getting down to zen.

Tip #5 —Set a Timer

Are you concerned that meditation will eat into your day? Don’t be.

Set a timer and try dedication 2-5 minutes each day. That’s it.

If you feel good after this, feel free to add more time to the clock. The idea is to help you unwind, not amp up your stress because of time.

Tip #6 —Relax

Relax your eyes and relax your mind.

Some prefer to meditate with eyes closed, but others prefer to rest their gaze on something in the distance. Do what works best for you.

As far as relaxing the mind goes, don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of having to clear your mind. Allow thoughts to come and go, flowing easily without too much contemplation, and you’ll find that as the seconds turn to minutes, these flowing thoughts slow down and your mind begins to clear.

There are so many benefits to meditation, so we encourage you to make it apart of your daily or weekly routine. Giving your mind and body a reprieve from its usual activities can help invigorate and inspire you. Just give it the chance.

Now tell us — do you have any meditation tips for beginners or struggling yogis? Be sure to share them in the comment section below.

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Jules Barber is the Founder & Creator of Yoginomics. Having worked in a golden cage in London for 15 years she sold out of her business to become a yoga teacher, corporate wellness specialist and location independent entrepreneur, on a mission to mentor and coach the next generation of amazing yogis - teachers and students alike.

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