Everything You Need to Know to Design, Market and Execute Your Next Yoga Retreat

You will not want to miss this webinar. In it you will discover, step by step, every part of the retreat creation process. You will end up with a detailed roadmap that allows you to plan, execute and enjoy running your very own special event.

PLUS we have a surprise bonus for you at the end!

And here's the best part — it's only 40 minutes of your time. No fluff, no waffle, no extended sales pitches. Just clear and actionable steps for pulling off your next event without a hitch.

Roxanne L.

This webinar is absolute genius and a great step in the right direction.  Fun, clear, informative and down to the point.

I had the privilege of being taught by Jules during my 200h and her bubbly, yet precise beautiful personality shines through on the screen. I can’t wait for the next one!

Roxanne L.



Here's a breakdown of everything you will learn:

  • The difference between workshops and retreats
  • Factors to consider if you plan to run a retreat
  • Pillar One — Getting clear on your offering
  • Pillar Two — Location, size and duration
  • Pillar Three — Planning it all out
  • Pillar Four — Fee structure, payments, cancellations and refunds
  • Pillar Five — Promotion and Marketing
  • Pillar Six — Being Prepared
  • Pillar Seven — Following up post-retreat
Jules Barber

I am the founder of Yoginomics, a business community for teachers combining heart and soul with commercial purpose. I now travel, teach and mentor across the globe. My friends say I am a follower of dreams as well as a business brain and I am excited to collaborate with, coach and mentor the next generation of beautiful amazing and talented yoga teachers.

Jules Barber

What Others Have Said About Yoginomics

I loved my yoga teacher training. But when I finished, I was pretty confused about how to start as a teacher and where to turn for advice. You’re kind of on your own. A friend told me about Yoginomics – it’s great knowing there is one place where you can find expertise on all aspects of starting to teach and ultimately building a business doing something you love.

Suzanna Chilton

So far I love it. It was nice to hear several teachers speak about their reasoning for wanting to be a teacher, hearing from them first hand as well as reading the chapters is a huge help. I'm digging this so far and excited to finish the course.

Kelsey Evans