Much has been written about the over-commercialisation of yoga. At Yoginomics we fully believe in empowering people to make a living doing what they love, and share their teaching and gifts in an ethical, sustainable and inspiring way.


However, there remains a level of discomfort with the idea of making money out of a sacred ancient traditional practice. There is an idea that we have ‘sold out’, that in the profusion of high tech yoga mats and over priced yoga pants we have somehow lost our way and no longer appreciate the complexity and depth of yoga as a spiritual system.

This fantastic article from Yoga International addresses these concerns in a balanced and intelligent way. In it the author addresses both the past history of the relationship between yoga and money and our present state of affairs.

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About The Author

Jules Barber

Jules Barber is the Founder & Creator of Yoginomics. Having worked in a golden cage in London for 15 years she sold out of her business to become a yoga teacher, corporate wellness specialist and location independent entrepreneur, on a mission to mentor and coach the next generation of amazing yogis - teachers and students alike.

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